Another Reason Why Kentucky Has a Bad Reputation

Ah, Kentucky!

A Kentucky law enforcement official is under fire this week after footage of his deeply racist comments was made public on Tuesday. In September, Southeast Bullitt Fire Chief Julius Hatfield was recorded on a Bullitt County Sheriff deputy’s body camera during a response to a traffic accident, when Hatfield allegedly refused to help a black family while referring to them in derogatory, racist terms.

Southeast Bullitt Fire Chief Julius Hartfield (Credit: WDRB)“Well, I’ve got a family of four from Cincinnati, I got to do something with,” the Bullitt County deputy says in the footage, which was obtained by WDRB.

“We ain’t taking no n–gers here,” Hatfield responded, laughing.

The footage also reveals the fire chief helping the other man involved in the traffic incident, Loren Dicken, who is white. According to WDRB, after Hatfield went out of his way to assist Dicken with a tire issue, the chief also had his firefighters pick the man up from the hospital when he was released.


A note to the good people of Kentucky: Friends, we in the rest of the country are aware that you are sick and tired of presumptions that the Bluegrass State is populated by backwater hick racists, but please realize there is a reason people think about you that way. Please stop empowering racists.


Kutner, Jenny. “Kentucky fire chief refuses to help black family after traffic accident: ‘We ain’t taking no n–gers here'”. Salon. 20 November 2014.

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