Some Kind of Good News

'I have slain your champion. By law of the horde, you must now crown me your new king!' (Detail of 'ReGrBl', by Digo and Raf Salazar, 23 March 2008)

You know how it goes, right? To the one, the timing is way, way off. To the other, you’re not going to sit on something like this for that long because, well, you’ll forget. Or maybe write a post but set the posting date and time for way off in the future. Hey, there’s an idea. Or maybe it’s just easier to do it this way: Say hello to ReGrBl, by Digo and Raf Salazar.

Temptations, temptations. This is an older one, but how could we resist? Meanwhile, there is a current story going on, so let’s hope they can wave a magic wand and figure out how to miss the―

What’s that? Wrong story? Oh, right. Anyway, yeah.

C’mon. Don’t make me give away the plot. It’s just, you know, really, like, tempting, and really cool, and you know, you just gotta, gotta read it. You know?


(Hat tip, except I don’t wear a hat. Anyway, thank you M.T./MDC.)

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