Slog on Stephen on #GamerGate

The Colbert Report, 29 October 2014

Imagine that.

Much in the same way Colbert recently dragged the whole Hachette vs. Amazon dispute into the mainstream, this is a significant turning point for Gamergate. I don’t suggest you ever visit 8chan, but the Gamergate boards are in absolute dissaray over Colbert—who for some reason most Gamergaters believed was on their side—making a strong statement in support of Sarkeesian. (He even broke character somewhat at the end there to confirm that he is, in fact, a feminist. This is only something Colbert does when he really believes it’s necessary.) It’s turning into cartoon-villain territory in Gamergate-ville, with people making “you’ll never take me alive” declarations ....


And there is an important point in Paul Constant’s note about how important Colbert’s segment is.

...the Gamergate boards are in absolute dissaray over Colbert—who for some reason most Gamergaters believed was on their side ....

It would be unlikely that we were the first to recognize the point when we wrote last week that “#GamerGate, as much as they like threatening to rape women to death, is afraid to fight with other men. Presesntly, the best guess is that their delusions include some manner of belief that other men support them.”

That is to say, our little corner of the internet is neither so brilliant nor important as to pioneer such a proposition. However, it is important to note that the idea seems to be crystallizing; as Mr. Constant suggests, Stephen Colbert has the celebrity power and influence to force this issue to the fore. Indeed, The Colbert Report would seem to have provided “a significant turning point for GamerGate”.

But here is the problem: Just because these pathetic stereotypes have shown themselves useless cowards so far, there is no guarantee that they will remain so in the future. The nature of the #GamerGate cowardice is plausible denial. If some character reminiscent of Jared Loughner emerges from the woodwork and starts killing, #GamerGate will try to cast him off as a lone wolf, and much like Sarah Palin and fellow Tea Partiers, try to say there is no way their words and actions and encouragement could possibly have influenced the killer in any way.

There is no room for comfort; the only comfort men like Messrs. Colbert and Constant or myself can take is that so far, we are safe. #GamerGate apparently reserves its threats of murder by rape for women, because, you know, as near as they can tell, that’s what women are for. Neither Colbert nor Constant are stupid; they know this already and do not need reminding.

We need to bury the #GamerGate movement before the time comes that we must start burying its victims.

Read. Watch. Learn. Do.



Constant, Paul. “Stephen Colbert’s Interview with Anita Sarkeesian About #Gamergate Was a Big Deal”. Slog. 30 October 2014.

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