Your War on Drugs: Tennessee Anal Probes

Sure, it’s clickbait, we know. But it’s also a real issue. Radley Balko explains the thing about the Oak Ridge anal probes:

Last year we learned of three incidents in New Mexico in which motorists pulled over for moving violations were subjected to forced anal cavity searches, x-rays and even colonoscopies because police suspected they were hiding drugs in their bodies. I pointed out in January that the practice has also been used in Texas, Illinois, Florida and Kansas.

It looks like Oak Ridge, Tenn., has been doing it, too.

Right. Anyway, Balko continues:

The Watch: 'More drug war anal probes, this time in Oak Ridge ... (Radley Balko/Washington Post)This is actually the second time a forcible anal probe has been challenged in a Tennessee courtroom. In 2011, the same doctor and the same police department performed a similar procedure on a man, also after a traffic stop.

The only donut-punch line I can find is that the police union should sponsor, instead of an Ice Bucket Challenge, a Gangfist Challenge, in which cops offer to be pilloried and greased up so anyone in the public can glove perform a cavity search. The union would then give $100 for each fist to drug rehab nonprofits. A double-fisting would certainly be $200, but let’s up the ante for a triple-fisting, with a $500 payoff.

That way, nobody has to lie when they call the town assholes heroes.


Balko, Radley. “More drug war anal probes, this time in Tennessee”. The Washington Post. 9 October 2014.

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