Day: 2014.09.09

One More Reason to Screw Facebook

Best ... pinball machine ... ever.

To: Ms. Stephanie Rogers, a.k.a. “Bride of Pinbot”

re: (sigh)

It is my regretful duty to inform you that Facebook thinks you’re diseased. My apologies on that count.

To the other, and long overdue: Thank you. No, really, these years later Bride of Pinbot remains at a pinnacle of memory; it was simply our favorite pinball machine, ever. I haven’t polled lately, but it might well still be. In truth, I haven’t found anything over the years to compare.

I had intended to make a BoP joke in a message to a friend, and figured to see what the internet had on (ahem!) the ol’ girl. It is a delight beyond expression to find the soundfile, which in turn reminds that we rarely get to offer our thanks, at least until we remember that this isn’t 1991, anymore, and there’s an internet thingamabobber out there.

As it is, however, my first thought was, “Wow, my brother needs this!” So I figured to simply Facebook the the link.

My spectacular statement probably needs some serious revision; Facebook seems to think is diseased, and would rather we not post such links. In truth, I hadn’t known that the Internet Archive and the people associated with it were so dangerous.

Still, though, it is a disappointment. I’ll have to resort to more traditional and ancient methods of communication, such as email. Or … oh, hey, I guess I can always Facebook this post, which will lead my brother and friends back to the soundfiles, anyway, but that’s also kind of arrogant. Then again, so is presuming that I can randomly pop off an STD joke to an actress I’ve never met.

Whine, whine, mumble, murmur.

The important part, though, is to say, Thank you. Your voice is a memory I shall treasure forever.

Facebook doesn't like the Internet Archive