Day: 2014.09.03

A Point We Probably Need to Bear in Mind

It is not so much that somebody had to say it, but that concomitant sadness in expecting that nobody will actually care. Or, you know, get it.

No, seriously. There really is an important point in there.

Quotability: Potted Meathead Parts

Chris Christie's lyin' eyes

“Look out, Moscow. You’ve got bridges and Team Christie knows how to use them.”

Steve Benen

So this is the problem. If Benen seems glib, there is perhaps a reasonable excuse; it is about the only response of any useful merit for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s argument that Russia would not be screwing with Ukraine right now if the ethically questionable Republican was president, because, well, Vladimir Putin just wouldn’t dare fuck with Chris Christie.

No, really. This is what it comes to. Funny thing is, people keep talking about Governor Christie as if he expects to be some sort of serious candidate for the presidency in 2016. In truth, it is hard to imagine why.


Benen, Steve. “Bluster is not the basis for a foreign policy”. msnbc. 3 September 2014.