Day: 2014.06.02

Colloquially Speaking, a Working Example of Impotence

Speaking of silly protests, there is also this:

Detail of Harvey Milk stamp from USPS.Fundamentalist Christian group American Family Association is urging members not to accept any mail postmarked with the U.S. Postal Service’s newly released Harvey Milk stamp, the first U.S. stamp to feature an openly gay elected official.


No … no, it’s … it’s not a joke.


A Dose of Irony … Maybe?

This thing was actually pink before GIMPing.

Steve Benen asks the ironic question of the day:

If there’s one aspect of the gun debate that’s obvious, it’s that the NRA is … too moderate?

Yeah. What could possibly lead to such an idea?


Benen, Steve. “Even NRA sees some open-carry tactics as ‘weird’ and ‘scary'”. MSNBC. June 2, 2014.

One of Those Things You Probably Shouldn’t Ask About

And then there’s this.Bug Martini, 2 June 2014 Don’t ask. Truth told, it’s rather quite the chuckle.

To the flip side, though, you wouldn’t believe the American macabre that chuckle recalls.

No really. You wouldn’t believe, you wouldn’t believe.