Interesting … or Something Like That

DeAzara, Striped Hyena (detail) ca. 1839

Just one of those paragraphs:

The root of all this sexual mythologizing? Well, it turns out that female hyenas have extremely enlarged half-foot-long clitorises that look almost perfectly like penises, complete with what appear to be testicles, which actually are their labia that have folded up and fused. They even get erections. Oh, also, they give birth to a two-pound cub out of the enormous clitoris.


Carry on. Sleep well.


Simon, Matt. “Fantastically Wrong: The Poor, Misunderstood Hyena Can’t Help That It Has Weird Sex”. Wired. May 28, 2014.

Image credit: Detail of illustration by Felix de Azara, 1839.

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