Day: 2014.03.15

Laurelwood Workhorse IPA

Laurelwood Workhorse IPA labelAh, Laurelwood ….

Simply put, Workhorse IPA is one of the best there is. Hardly for the lightweight, this Portland brew packs a 7.5% ABV, and turns to Citra, Galaxy, El Dorado, and Columbus hops to rouse your soul from its weekday slumber. And while we might note a mix of Great Western 2 Row, Crystal, and Dextrin malts, let’s face it, Workhorse is for hopheads.

It is hardly a shocking mouthfeel; indeed, I would have more to say about the word mouthfeel itself. And, yes, there is a noticeable difference between bottle and tap, greater in the feel than the flavor. It’s a clean finish, too; refreshing, but not quite bracing.

Laurelwood Workhorse IPAAs baseball season draws nigh, one can sooner count the days of summer than run out of foods to accompany the beer that took home first place in the second annual National IPA Championships. Burgers, hot dogs, garlic fries, four kinds of fish, fried chicken, barbecued chicken, slow-cooked chicken, chili, pizza—who knows, maybe even breakfast with a bacon and brie.

To the other, those whose palates turn more toward lagers, weizens, and Belgians will be appalled.

Yeah. Hopheads. And this one goes on that list. Vasili Gletsos should be proud.


What? It’s a stupid word.