Something About … Wait a Minute, What?

Right.Yes, really ....

Okay, so does anybody remember in the early nineties, FOX ran a sketch comedy show called The Edge? It wasn’t around long, but all sketch comedy ventures have at least one good bit, and for The Edge it was “The Judds” singing about douches in a fake television spot. You remember, the awkward conversations? “Mama, do you ever have those days …”?

You’re welcome.

But the sketch continues and the mom and daughter team go on to sing about douching. Even water spraying from the microphones. It ends with the usual masculine voiceover: “Now in Summer Breeze, Forest Pine, and new Smokey Oakey Barbecue!”

The number of people who continue to use douche and douchebag as an insult this many years after Booger Dawson help keep that memory reasonably fresh.


Er, yeah. Anyway. Right.


Via Huffington Post.

Image detail via Multi Cult Classics.

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