Grim Huber Humor

Hint: Dungeons are passé. Especially when you’re caught up in the middle of a generally derogatory situation that has critics suggesting your culture is centuries behind reality. Gul Yousfzai explains, for Reuters:

Adam Huber, Bug Martini, January 8, 2014A Pakistani legislator has been arrested for running a private dungeon at his home in which five people were found chained up, two of them for several years, police said on Monday.

The dungeon only came to light after private guards working for the lawmaker, Abdul Rehman Khetran, attacked police at a checkpoint on Sunday, beat them up and stole their weapons.

The police then raided the lawmaker’s fortified home in lawless Baluchistan province, freed the prisoners, including one woman, and arrested Khetran, his son and six private guards, said Barkhan district police chief Abdul Ghafoor Marri.

The prisoners had been mistreated, Marri said, adding that police had also seized a truck filled with ammunition and weapons at the premises.

That’s never good. And it probably doesn’t help that the answer from Khetran is not that he had no idea his security team was doing this, but that the raid and arrests are political persecution. To the one, that’s what happens when your people hit the police. To the other, it’s Baluchistan, where it might be reasonable to wonder if it really was Khetran’s people who attacked the checkpoint.

To the other, there is Bug Martini. Again. And no, that says nothing about whether or not Adam Huber is prescient. Dungeons, though passé, are still common in the world. Coincidences can be just that.


Huber, Adam. “That New Dungeon Smell”. Bug Martini. January 8, 2014. January 15, 2014.

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