A Quote: Runyan Offers a Hint

“It’s going to get real shitty on the seventeenth.”

Rep. Jon Runyan (R-NJ03)

Let it be known that we have, indeed, been warned. A small detail, one easily overlooked because of its context, wrapped up inside a more immediate frame of reference.

Rep. Jon Runyan (R-NJ03)The GOP’s moderate revolt is sounding more like a moderate whimper.

Rep. Jon Runyan, a New Jersey Republican who has publicly said he would vote for a “clean” continuing resolution, has been part of the moderate meetings that Rep. Peter T. King of New York has been hosting in an effort to end the shutdown as soon as possible.

And Runyan, better known for his 13-year career as an imposing NFL lineman than for his congressional prowess, gave CQ Roll Call a candid look into the mindset of the moderate revolt.

The quick summary: Don’t count on them to sign that Democratic discharge petition.

Runyan said the discharge petition wouldn’t work because it would take too long; it wouldn’t ripen, he said, until after Oct. 17 — the debt ceiling deadline.

“It’s going to get real shitty on the 17th,” Runyan said, adding that Republicans have to find a solution on that issue.


Did you catch that?

The question was about the CR. The problem is that the discharge petition would butt the process up against the debt ceiling deadline. And, well, when the debt ceiling deadline hits, “It’s going to get real shitty”.

We cannot lament, in two weeks time, that we had no warning. True enough, the hardliners have been threatening, and everyone else seems to think it will not happen because it cannot happen. In the meantime, it’s going to get real shitty on the seventeenth.

Got it?



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