Something I Would Really Like to Know

Okay … so … I really need an answer to this question:

Ex-Gay Equal Rights Now! — What does that even mean?

Brian Tashman explains:

Yesterday, American Family Radio’s Sandy Rios spoke to Ex-Gay Pride Month organizer Christopher Doyle about today’s ex-gay lobby day on Capitol Hill. Doyle, who was organizing the since-canceled Ex-Gay Pride banquet at the Family Research Council, complained in an interview with the Christian Post that “un-American” LGBT rights advocates have “shut us out,” explaining that “because of all this homo-fascism and indoctrination in the media, ex-gays aren’t given a fair shake.”

Roberts-20130731-ExGayPride-EqualRightsRios confidently predicted that “thousands of ex-gays are descending” on Washington for a press conference planned for today at the Supreme Court. She lamented that when she led Concerned Women for America the media refused to hear “our ex-gay friends” because it “undermined the whole effort of the homosexual lobby.”

Doyle told Rios that “tens of thousands” of ex-gays exist but are “in the closet because of fear, shame and threats from gay activists.”

Well, despite the expectation that “thousands of ex-gays” would partake in Ex-Gay Pride Month, fewer than ten people showed up for the big event.

Setting aside that the explanation is obvious, that the thousands of ex-gays are still hiding in the closet because they are afraid of the discrimination they and their fellow heterosexuals face each and every day under the iron fist of the homofascists, one question simply persists. As Tory Roberts’ photographs from the event show, these activists are demanding ex-gay equal rights, and now.

And I really, really don’t know what that means. “Ex-gay equal rights now”. Anybody? Anybody?

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