Beer News

Good beer news, everybody!

Er, wait ….

Good news about beer! News about good beer!

Good news about good beer, everybody!

Ah … er … um … sort of.

Eighteen senators want to encourage drinking craft beer. They’re touting new legislation to slash the excise tax on beer produced by smaller breweries.

BeerThe bipartisan group, led by Maryland Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin and Maine Republican Susan Collins, wants to cut the excise tax in half, to $3.50 a barrel, on the first 60,000 barrels of beer. Other taxes would also be reduced ….

…. The push to reduce this small brewer tax rate comes ahead of American Craft Beer Week, which kicks off on Monday. It is just one of a slew of narrowly targeted tax provisions that could come under scrutiny as part of a bid to overhaul and simplify the federal tax code. Cardin, Schumer and several other co-sponsors sit on the tax-writing Finance Committee.


Raise a glass.

Hey, how about a drinking game? Every time you call, snail-, or e-mail your senators and representative, take a drink.

And, no, don’t show them your secret tattoos, superfluous third nipples, or genital piercings.

You know. Beer. Concentrate on what’s important.

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