Bigotry: The Next Generation

Well, now. Where to begin?

Okay, how about with an update from Winston-Salem, North Carolina:

A young demonstrator took aim at North Carolina’s Green Street United Methodist Church after its recent pledge to stop performing weddings until same-sex marriage is legalized.

The next generation of HatredAs Good As You blogger Jeremy Hooper first reported, the boy—who is not identified—stood in front of the Winston-Salem church on Easter Sunday with a placard that read, “Jesus Must Be Your Lord Or He Will Not Be Your Savior.”

“The Bible talks about the homosexuals—they’re worthy of death,” the boy proclaims, as seen in video footage of the protest which was also posted on Hooper’s site. “They’re worthy of death, and you people approve of them! That’s why you’re going to Hell without Jesus Christ. You can turn from your sin!”

He adds, “It’s time to stop sinning and follow the lord Jesus Christ!”

This is one of those good news, bad news situations. That is to say: Good news! An eleven year-old boy has awoken to his political conscience and is expressing himself! And, of course: Bad news! An eleven year-old boy has demonstrated the heritability of bigotry!

When last we checked in with Green Street UMC, the Methodist church in North Carolina had announced that it would stop signing any marriage certificates until the achievement of marriage equality. And, of course, conservative clergy countered in Illinois by threatening to banish politicians who support marriage equality from entering their churches.

Mt-c5v30The Bible talks about the homosexuals—they’re worthy of death. I wonder what the young man will think of the Bible when he learns to masturbate and then reviews the passages about cutting off the hand that offends. Indeed, one wonders about his coming teen years, and whether he will still hold with the Bible about parents casting out rebellious children, or having his eyes picked out by ravens and being eaten by vultures. And, of course, there is the looming question of how often should his parents beat him for his childhood transgressions?

The exploitation of children in politics is a long-controversial notion. For some, it’s a coin flip; both sides do it. But one of those sides has a heritage that includes the notion that children should be seen and not heard, and, furthermore, objects to children pleading for justice while sending children out to promote bigotry and violence.

But there are a lot of coins to flip. Heads, the young generation is waking politically. Tails, it’s not good news when they are also the next generation of hatemongers aiming to hurt people in exchange for the egocentric comfort of believing they have earned a ticket to Heaven.

This child brings infamy to his mother and father. Train up a child in the hatred he should kindle; even when he is old, he will not fail to stoke the fires of his own Hell.

Be there a Lord in Heaven, He will struggle to find justification for such hatred. For those of us so mundane as to be mere mortals living in society, though, this is tragic: Has he heard his father’s instruction? Has he not forsaken his mother’s teaching? The Biblical God will punish to the third and fourth generations the sins of the parents. Thus a young man righteously tramples his own path toward the fires.

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