Day: 2013.04.04

A Brief Update: I Was Wrong

GOPUSA logoWell, of course I was wrong. There are reasons why I am not much for betting, especially when betting against human frailty.

Doug Patton, former conservative speechwriter and current senior hack for GOPUSA* rushes faithfully to RNC Chairman Priebus’ side as Republicans look to pick a new fight with Planned Parenthood:

From Margaret Sanger to Barack Obama, this is the world the left has created for us. It is a twisted, amoral utopia, where right is wrong and wrong is right, where good is evil and evil is good, where fully born babies can be murdered in abortion mills.

If Priebus’ tantrum depended solely on epistemically closed inference, Patton’s apoplexy is perhaps described as entirely reliant on his own twisted fantasies. If nothing more, Patton gives us a scary glimpse at his own outlook.

To the other though, he’s also the kind of partisan hack who believes Supreme Court Justices owe fealty to the political party that nominated them.

So, no, nobody so unfortunate to actually have made the mistake of paying attention to Mr. Patton is suprised to see this latest hit piece.

* A right-wing activist operation perhaps most famous for being part of Talon News, which in turn is most [in]famous for the sordid tale of “Jeff Gannon”, a gay male prostitute hired to softball President Bush at press conferences.