Day: 2013.04.01

A Prediction: Gillespie on Eternity

“I’d remind the Republican establishment that forever is a long time.”

Steve Benen

One can certainly call it a bit pedantic to pick on casual rhetorical use of the word “never”; indeed, it might also seem a bit childish. But as Steve Benen explains of the former RNC Chair and Bush administration White House Counsel’s response to Chris Wallace’s question about marriage equality:

Gillespie replied, “I don’t see the Republican Party or most Republicans, obviously, changing in terms of believing that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Ed Gillespie and George W BushThe host pressed further, asking, “But looking at the polls, and, particularly, looking at where younger people are going, would you have any problems in 2016, with a Republican Party platform saying that marriage is between a man and a woman?” Gillespie noted that the platform currently calls for a federal constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, and going forward, “there may be a debate about that.”

I suppose this is what qualifies as social progress for today’s GOP.

But before the discussion moved on Gillespie added this:

“I don’t think you would ever see the Republican Party platform saying we are in favor of same sex marriage.”

Never? Gillespie may well be right, but I’d remind the Republican establishment that forever is a long time.

And as one commmenter noted, “We had the debate. You lost.”