Month: January 2013

An Interview That Will Never Happen

Huber-BugDetail-NieceBugFive questions for Adam Huber that I cannot realistically expect answers to:

  1. Sir, have you no sense of shame?
  2. Is there any word, aside from “Chad”, that doesn’t sound good with the word “bug” after it? (Nerd Bug, Priest Bug, Dad Bug, Evil Niece Nug, &c.?)
  3. Huber-BugDetail-Chad

  4. Do you ever wonder about how many of your commenters—aside from myself, of course, for whom I can earnestly vouch—are actually real people with real lives?
  5. Would it be “Luke Bug” or “Bug Skywalker”?
  6. When can we expect “The Zen of Bug”?

Okay, yeah, I was reaching for that last one.
Okay, I confess: I have no life. But I am a real person.

(Image details are the property of Adam Huber, unless he sold his soul to the Devil, in which case, they would be the property of Devil Bug.)

Just One of Those Questions

So … if vegetarian and animal rights zealots got their way, and there were no more cheeseburgers, leather jackets, &c., then … well, what happens to the cows?

No, really.

The Unfortunately Requisite Disclaimer (TURD): Obviously, not all vegetarians and animal rights advocates are zealots, but, yes, I’ve known plenty who are.