Month: March 2012

A Quote: So It Comes to This

Bishop R. Walker Nickless, of the Diocese of Sioux City, on health insurance access to birth control for women:

The Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux CityThe power of evil is going to try any way that it can to get a hook into our world and the values we hold as so dear and so important as believing people. And the power of evil, the Devil, can certainly look—is looking—everywhere to find places where they can, where the power of evil can make a difference. To tear us apart. To get us to look at just the worldy values and forget about, you know, that there is something more important than just the values of the world. And that’s why we’ve got to stand up and violently oppose this. We cannot let Darkness overshadow us. We’ve got to be men and women who proclaim the Light. And we’ve got to tell the truth. And we’ve got to be transparent. And we’ve got to say that government cannot do this to us.