Month: December 2011

Really, Really Cool

Rob WyniaPortland does The Wall ….

Rob Wynia of Floater joins a whole bunch of Portland musicians whose names, frankly, I don’t know (a.k.a. Bricks of Portland), for an acoustic rendition of Pink Floyd’s classic, The Wall.

No, really, check it out. No review I might pen here can possibly do this performance justice. I only wish I’d been there for the show.

A Short List of Links

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Just One of Those Things … or, Tragically Hilarious

When does a car wreck become international news? Well, quite obviously when there is something spectacular about it. Meanwhile, in the long history of wealth and luxury, sometimes folks gloat over certain misfortunes because they simply disdain the rich, whether for genuine cause or simple jealousy.

It helps, too, when nobody dies. Then you can call something like the Associated Press report out of Tokyo tragically hilarious:

Eight Ferraris, a Lambo, and a couple of BenzosAn outing of luxury sportscar enthusiasts in Japan ended in an expensive freeway pileup—smashing a stunning eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes likely worth more than $1 million together.

Police say they believe the accident Sunday was touched off when the driver of one of the Ferraris tried to change lanes and hit the median barrier. He spun across the freeway, and the other cars collided while trying to avoid hitting his car ….

…. Police declined to comment on the total amount of damage, but said some of the vehicles were beyond repair.

NTV quoted the driver of one of the tow trucks brought in to clear the scene as saying it was the most expensive crash site he had ever seen.

Ten minor injuries, primarily bruises and cuts; fourteen cars were roughed up in total.

Call it what you want. There are plenty who recognize the craftsmanship of fine cars, and thus will mourn the damage. But even those might grin into their coffee mugs, enjoying some notion of schadenfreude.

A Serious Question … Unfortunately

Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn't Know China Has Nuclear WeaponsShould we find any significance in the proposition that American comedy outlets have a better grasp of current events than our regular news media?

Or, as The Onion put it in a headline:

Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn’t Know China Has Nuclear Weapons